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Trump’s presidency provides an object lesson on why we MUST have tort reform: It’s a national security issue

The mini-headline on Drudge said it all.

In a series of linked stories all related in some way to President Donald J. Trump’s never-ending battles with the Deep State, the #NeverTrumpers and those seeking their 15 minutes of fame were three words: “Lawsuits pile up.”

The link led to a CNBC story with the formal headline of, “A sweeping Democratic lawsuit is just the latest in a string of legal battles trailing Trump.”

The story noted:

The Democratic National Committee’s mammoth lawsuit alleging a conspiracy between the Trump campaign, Russia and Wikileaks is the most expansive legal fight of President Donald Trump’s political career — but it’s far from the only one.

The Democrats’ multimillion-dollar legal action, filed Friday in Manhattan federal court, does not directly include allegations against Trump. However, the named defendants include his campaign officials, his confidants and even his family members.

The newest lawsuit joins a whirlwind of other legal challenges swirling around the president. In some cases, such as porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, the president himself is a defendant.

The story went onto note that the sheer number of suits — and there are very likely more on the way — are detracting from Trump’s agenda, sapping his attention, and weakening his political capital in Washington. (Related: There are many examples of “Russian collusion” NOT committed by Trump but somehow Robert Mueller can’t find them.)

I would argue a step further: These suits have become a national security issue. 

Trump is president at one of the most dangerous times in world history. A glance around the globe and it feels like we must be back in the 1930s when great powers were building and modernizing their militaries while forming or shoring up alliances. 

The president is set to meet the leader of a country — North Korea — that is on the brink of building nuclear weapons capable of being used to threaten American cities. He must counter the moves of a great power — Russia — already armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and whose president, Vladimir Putin, seeks to reorient the balance of power in Europe towards Moscow. In the South China Sea, the Chinese are building islands in the middle of one of the world’s most prosperous and vital shipping lanes and deploying sophisticated weapons and warplanes on them in a bid to make Beijing the center of power in Asia. And, of course, the Middle East is a non-stop cauldron of volatility and war.

But instead being hyper-focused on solving these problems and keeping America safe, Trump is dealing with the rambling (and conflicting) claims of a sexual encounter with a porn star and a Playboy bunny a decade before he decided to run for president. Oh, and a Democratic Party that is willing to destroy the country just to seize power.

It’s ridiculous. And frankly, these legal distractions are endangering our country.

If ever it was time for lawsuit reform, this is it.

Last week Republicans in the Senate were joining Democrats in proposing legislation that would make it more difficult for the head of the Executive Branch to fire special counsel Robert Mueller — this, despite the fact that Trump has said repeatedly he isn’t going to do so.

How about the Republican Party start acting like the majority and propose legislation that shields presidents from lawsuits while they’re in office? The bozos, the losers, the dregs, and the fame seekers he’s dealing with now had plenty of time to take Trump to court before he was president, yet they chose not to. 

And while the Republicans are at it, they can pass tort reform legislation creating a “loser-pays” system like most foreign countries (who don’t have a bunch of lawyers for lawmakers) have implemented. So much, then, for Stormy Daniels and the baseless “Russian collusion” suit filed by the DNC.

As president, neither Trump nor anyone else should have to deal with such matters while they’re serving. The job is too intense, the risk of miscalculation too great, and the consequences of a distracted commander-in-chief too dire.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

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