Walsh: Nathan Phillips is a bully

All of the scorn, contempt, and outrage has been targeted at a bunch of children from a private school in Kentucky. If you were following mainstream media reports about the Covington Catholic incident in DC over the weekend, you may well forget that actual adults were also involved in the altercation.

(Article by Matt Walsh republished from DailyWire.com)

A group of adults who call themselves the Black Hebrew Israelites kicked things off by shouting ethnic, racial, and anti-gay slurs at the students. The Left has focused entirely on rebuking the kids for their reaction to the taunts. Somehow the adults who made the taunts have escaped criticism. This, of course, is madness. But the BHI bullies are not even the biggest villains of the story. That honor goes to Nathan Phillips, Native American elder. Let’s review how this courageous hero, this advocate of peace and unity, has conducted himself:

Phillips inserted himself into a tense situation where children were being taunted and mocked by grown men. Phillips, rather than coming to the defense of the kids, instead invaded their space and began playing his drum in their faces. Immediately after the incident, in which he had involved himself by his own volition, he ran to the media and blatantly lied about the kids. He said that they surrounded him and wouldn’t let him leave. Video evidence proves this to be a lie. He says they chanted “build that wall,” which, again, video evidence contradicts. He tried to further provoke them and when he failed, he defamed them instead.

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